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Custom 3D model design

Our team mainly specializes in designing 3D models for CNC machines and 3D printers and models for other purposes.

We are constantly creating models to order for our new and regular clients. Apart from that, we are also updating our online store database, which over the years has collected more than 20,000 high-quality 3D models.

Our company employs highly qualified professionals with an art education and wide experience in modeling.

We'll be extremely happy to see you among our regular clients and we'll do our best to please you!

3D модели для ЧПУ на заказ
3D модели для ЧПУ на заказ

How much does a 3D model cost?

We will calculate the model production time and price for free.

All you need is just to contact us in any way you like: via feedback form on this page, text us in a messenger (WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber), call the phone number on this page or send an email to info@stl.team. We will reply ASAP.

In order for us to understand everything right and make an accurate assessment, it is desirable to attach a photo or a sketch (any image that will allow us to understand which model is required). You can also specify the dimensions and other requirements. Normally the price of a custom model isn't higher than that of a similar ready-made model in our online store.


Creating a 3D model

After agreeing on the price, conditions and receiving a 50% prepayment we get to work.

On average, it takes 3-5 working days to design a model.

When the specialists finish work, we will send you the screenshots showing various angles of your model. If necessary, we will make adjustments.

After agreeing on the final version you pay the remaining 50% and we send you the model ready for milling and for production on a 3D printer.

By additional arrangement we can send you the model not only in STL format, but also in editable MAX/obj format.

3D модели для ЧПУ на заказ
3D модели для ЧПУ на заказ

An artist and a specialist in CNC machines

Our team has a professional artist who specializes in adjusting all the underway models from the point of view of the aesthetics and accuracy of the product proportions. It is particularly important while designing artistically valuable models, such as those of carved furniture, panel reproductions of world painting masterpieces, sculptures, iconostases and icons.

A CNC machine specialist also revises the models in order to check if they are accurate and ready for manufacturing on the CNC machine. As an extra service you can order a steering program for your machine; our specialists will design it taking into consideration your machine features.

What orders do we normally take?

We design STL and 3dsmax formats 3D models of icons, panel pictures, armchairs, headboards, statuettes, legs, decors and frames mainly for CNC machines.

We often prepare models for printers. We also often modify models from our catalogue in case a client needs to change a model's shape or proportions.

Apart from that, we also design portraits based on photos, some unconventional models and 2D vector models.

3D модели для ЧПУ на заказ
3D модели для ЧПУ на заказ

Our clients

Craftsmen, designers, small businesses and quite large companies – everyone who has come to a reasonable conclusion that it is more beneficial to order from us than to have a modeling specialist in staff.

And those who are tired of chasing ever-busy and constantly disappearing freelancers.

Dealing with us means that you will always get a quality 3D model at the appointed time.

How do we make 3D models for CNC?

We fulfill any order within 3-5 days since there's a constant customer flow. But if your order is urgent, we can make it within an hour.

We design 3D models in 3ds and Blender programs and then export them as files for ArtCAM or PowerMill. This is the most common way to create 3D models for CNC.

STL format is suitable for any program that you can use to create steering NC codes for your machine and start milling.

3D модели для ЧПУ на заказ
3D модели для ЧПУ на заказ

What discounts do we have?

For new customers we have a first order discount.

For our regular clients we always try to reduce the standard price.

And we also try to understand a customer's situation, since we realize we are an intermediary between you and your client and situations may differ.


Where are we?

Our office is situated in Kiev.

We work with the clients from around the world via messengers and e-mail.

You can pay us in various ways depending on which one is the most suitable for you.

3D модели для ЧПУ на заказ

3d model order

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